Latest hit in treatment of arthritis - Conditioned Autologous Plasma

ACP or ”Autologous Conditioned Plasma“ is a new, safe and very effective biosurgical method, based on new knowledge of tissue engineering. For treatment of locomotive organs it uses healing effects from substances out of patient's own body – modified blood plasma enriched with activated platelets – thrombocytes containing growth and anti-inflammatory factors. Sometimes it is called PRP - „Platelet Rich Plasma“. ACP / PRP have been invented to heal damaged cartilage as a consequence of arthritis of small and big joints and sports injuries. However, its therapeutic effects are much broader. It can be used after therapeutic and reconstructive arthroscopic surgery of joints, since it significantly speeds up healing process and regeneration of damaged tissue structures. Scientific evidence showed that treatment of joint arthritis using ACP method significantly eliminates pain (up to 50 %) and improves joint mobility. The effect of biotherapy is primarily based on the functions of blood platelets. When activated they release growth and anti-inflammatory factor proteins. In locomotive organ tissues (cartilage, tendons, ligaments, bones and skin) they support healing, regenerative and repair processes. Concentrating these factors into tissues causes:

  • Anti-inflammatory processes
  • Acceleration of the healing process
  • Prevention of disease transfer into a chronic condition
  • Regeneration and reparation of damaged tissue structures

Essential function of platelets is evident every time when the tissue integrity of the human body is broken. After every scratch, cut etc. a set of complicated reactions of our organisms is launched in order to stop bleeding and restoration of structures within the injury. And growth and anti-inflammatory factors released from activated platelets considerably enhance the whole healing process.