• The method of autologous conditioned plasma is based on the latest trends and technologies. It uses the natural capacity of the body's own cells – platelets that are in the blood and contribute against blood clotting.
  • Plasma rich in platelets is applied to the patient immediately after fresh instrumental separation.
  • The collection, processing and application of plasma minimizes the risk of contamination, infection, or even confusion sample.
  • Except closed sterile tube blood comes into contact with no other heterogeneous material
  • Plasma is not retained in an incubator nor in a freezer.
  • There are no dangerous side effects as in the case of anti-inflammatory drugs and glucocorticoids, which cause long-term treatment of gastrointestinal bleeding, liver damage, kidney, hematopoietic, etc.
  • High efficiency evidenced by the number of patients cured and professional papers showing positive results from around the world.
  • Bigger effectiveness and has a long-term effect compared to the current treatment of chondroprotective.
  • Cheaper than competing methods of biological treatment is based on processing the patient's own blood.

Why treatment of locomotive system in the One-day Surgery Centre?

Multidisciplinary approach - the diagnosis and treatment involves orthopaedist, surgeon, traumatologists, algesiologist, physiotherapist and a hematologist

Quality - experienced specialists in particular fields with the highest professional qualifications and human approach to the patient, the most advanced equipment and operating rooms, as well as comfortable recovery rooms

Complexity of treatment - we provide all the available methods of musculoskeletal treatment - NSAIDs, hyaluronic acid derivatives, and arthroscopic surgical treatment, biological treatment of ACP, physiotherapy and rehabilitation in connection with wellness, fitness and balneotherapy services

Affordability - our prices are amongst the lowest ones in the Czech Republic