Advantages of stem cell treatment compared to other therapies

Stem cell treatment

  • Draws on latest trends and technologies
  • Utilizes natural properties of body’s own cells
  • Has no dangerous side effects in comparison with corticoids and anti inflammatory drugs whose long-term administration may cause gastrointestinal bleeding and damage to liver, kidney or dysfunctional haematopoiesis
  • Is more efficient and has a long term effect compared to standard treatment
  • Has a higher potential for regeneration and repair than ACP treatment only
  • Simple same day outpatient surgery under local anaesthesia
  • Smaller risk of complications than joint replacement surgery
  • Treatment is suitable for higher age groups
  • Suitable for patients who cannot be candidates for joint replacement


Multidisciplinary approach- Specialists such as surgeon, orthopaedist, traumatologist, immunologist, physiotherapist and pain management specialist cooperate in treatment and diagnostics.

Quality: Our specialists are true professional with full qualifications who display human attitude to patients; latest technologies and equipment; operational theatre and post-surgery rooms and facilities.

Complex treatment-In our centre we can provide a wide range of musculoskeletal treatment: non-steroid antiflogistics, hyalurone  acid derivates, arthroscopy and operations, ACP, stem cell treatment, physiotherapy, healing rehabilitation and wellness and follow up services like wellness and balneology.

Affordable prices- Our rates are the lowest in the Czech Republic.