ACP method is based on one´s own blood being taken. After special modifications fresh serum obtained from the blood is injected directly into the injured area. This is a common out-patient procedure, where anesthetics do not have to be used.

Before the operation

24 hours prior to the intervention a daily fluid intake of 2-3 liters of soft drinks is recommended (last 0,5 liter two hours prior to the operation). Do not consume any fat food and diary drinks 24 hours before the procedure. These steps will maximize the chance to get a greater quantity of quality nonchylosis serum. Before the treatment it is recommended to temporarily discontinue using anti-inflammatory drugs - NSAIDs (Ibalgin, Aulin, Voltaren, etc.). For warpharised patients a dosage adjustment is necessary, so that the INR falls below 2.0 prior to application. Acute infectious diseases are a contraindication for the operation. Prior to the treatment you receive informed consent of the patient for signing, which summarizes all the information on the progress of treatment ACP.

  1. After making a telephone order, please arrive personally to our orthopedic clinic and bring all your medical records and examinations (X-ray, MRI, ultrasound, etc.) with regards to your current problems
  2. Your doctor will examine you and according to available data will suggest an optimal method of treatment
  3. Blood taking is carried out under strict aseptic conditions, mostly from the upper limb veins
  4. After removing about 10 ml of blood into a special tube, the blood is processed in the device, where the separation of plasma that is rich in platelets from other blood elements proceeds. Plates outside the bloodstream activate naturally.
  5. Plasma that is rich in activated thrombocytes and releases active growth and inflammatory factors is again under strict sterile conditions, injected into the area of injury, inflammation or joint. There is a slight pressure felt in the area of injection.  This pain is comparable with joint injections, and is generally well tolerated. The incision area is strapped up with a plaster which can be removed after two hours.
  6. The entire treatment procedure takes approx. 20 minutes
  7. For the treatment to be effective in the long term, it is necessary to repeat several ACP applications usually at weekly intervals. Prolongation of the interval between applications will not affect the treatment outcome. Typical treatment of major joints includes five ACP applications in five weeks. During this treatment period the difficulties recede.
  8. On the day of the ACP application there are no major work limitations. However, it is highly recommended that patients avoid great physical exertion and heat burdensome procedures as pools, hot tubs, saunas, solaria, cryotherapy, etc. Other days all the activities are possible without restriction, just that it is necessary to conserve and take care of the treated body part. The duration of such a limitation will be recommended by the orthopaedist.