1. Active Infections including respiratory infections or a cold
  2. Intolerance to substances in the local anaesthetic drug
  3. You may not be undergoing cancer treatment; you must be from 6 months to 1 year after cancer treatment(chemotherapy, radiotherapy)-individual assessment necessary according to scope and expected immunosuppressive effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  4. Suspected tumour
  5. Permanent non-steroid antiflogistics therapy, pain relievers and corticosteroids medication; you need to discontinue these temporarily 5 days prior to scheduled collection of fat. However, you may continue to take inhalation corticosteroids against asthma
  6. Unfavourable health conditions(incl. being extremely thin) that would exclude anaesthesia, collection of required amount of lipoaspirate and administration of stem cells upon assessment of your practicioner
  7. Pregnancy