Speialists in Hradec Králové have started stem cell treatment.Stem cells have the capacity to postpone major surgeries. They are very efficient in arthritis treatment. Olda Tamáš is reporting from the city under the White Tower.


Professor Michalek in a TV programme Reporters On Your Side

MUDr. Jaroslav Michálek MD Ph.D talking about biological treatment o sore joints. Click the image to play the video.


Get rid of your sore joints with revolutionary biological treatment!

Date of release: 11  May 2012

An article at www. Prozeny.cz

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Do you have sore joints? You are not alone as arthritis is a worldwide problem. Even thirty  and fifty  somethings have suffered Degenerative joint disease  in quite high percentage. We have looked at latest treatment available.

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Apetýt-radio programme( 20 December 2011)

MUDr. René Moster answering caller’s questions

Apetýt (20 December 2012)-archive


7 February 2011

Millenium-TV programme

A programme bringing the latest news from science, technology and modern life.


FOCUS: Advances in arthritis treatment

Rheumatic arthritis is a common condition. What are the latest achievements? Are corticoids still in use?


Millenium will answer these questions and more at 5:40 pm on 7 February 2011, ČT 4 channel.

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Mr. Michálek in Sama doma-a TV programme for women

MUDr. Jaroslav Michálek MD Ph.D taling about biological treatment of sore joints. Click the image to play the video.