Treatment of knee osteoarthritis by intra-articular application of autologous plasma enriched with thrombocytes (case study)

A case study called 'Treatment of knee osteoarthritis by intra-articular application of autologous plasma enriched with thrombocytes' was published in a scientific magazine Ortopedie (Orthopaedics) – issue 5/2010. The study tested the effectiveness and carefulness of intra-articular application of plasma enriched with thrombocytes. In comparison with hyaluronic acid, this way of treatment was evaluated as much more effective.

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Biological Treatment of Arthritis (ACP)

A new ACP clinic was introduced in our Pardubice branch on 19/04/2010. Please see more detailed information below. For arranging an appointment please call +420 466 687 151 or +420 736 603 124.

ACP – Biological Treatment of Arthritis

Revolutionary improvement in treatment of locomotive organs - Autologous Conditioned Plasma (ACP). ACP is a brand new, progressive, safe and very effective biosurgical method used for treating locomotive organs. This method is based on using curative effects of substances directly from the patient`s body. Originally invented to cure arthritis of small and medium-sized joints and sports injuries, its utilization grew to be much wider. It can be also applied after-therapeutic and arthroscopic procedures. Furthermore, tissue regeneration, as well as the whole healing process, is considerably faster.

Physiotherapy, Physical Rehabilitation

A recently established physiotherapeutic clinic in ODSC Hradec Králové is pleased to offer you:

  • Diagnostics & therapy of affections of locomotive organs (pains, post-operative statuses, wrong locomotive stereotypes)
  • Individual healing & preventive programs
  • Short order periods

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Workshop in the USA – New Trends in Arthroscopy, Biological Treatment of Locomotive Organs

A scientific workshop about new trends in arthroscopy took place on 12/04/2010 in Florida, US. A major part of the workshop was devoted to conditioned autologous plasma (ACP) – a new way of biological treatment of locomotive organs. Dr. Prix, our specialist, participated in this event.

Arthroscopic Centre, Consultations for Sportsmen

A new orthopaedic clinic within our arthroscopic centre is specialized in injury & post-injury statuses and disorder of big joints: knee, shoulder, shin and elbow. This clinic also offers a new way of treating locomotive organs – ACP (Autologous Conditioned Plasma).

Hours of attendance:
TUE 08:00 – 12:00, 15:00 – 18:00 (MUDr. Aleš CHALOUPKA)
THU 15:00 – 18:00 (MUDr. Rudolf PRIX, MUDr. Aleš ŠVARC)

To arrange an appointment please call: +420 495 269 768
Information & emergency hot line: +420 495 269 768, +420 495 268 887

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