One-day Surgery Centre (ODSC) was founded in Hradec Králové, the heart of Eastern Bohemia, in 2002. In order to get closer to our clients, we established our subsidiary in Pardubice in the beginning of 2010. A wide portfolio of our services is focused on the most important aspects of human life: health, beauty, motion and sports. We are pleased to provide you a top-quality medical care in the following fields:


In a nice and comfortable place a team of more than 20 highly-qualified professionals with wide experience gathered both nationally and internationally is ready to help you. So far we have cured thousands of clients and carried out a large number of operations. We specialize in modern miniinvasive and endoscopic techniques. Such procedures are both effective and gentle and do not require hospitalization. This means that our clients are able to go home either immediately or, in case of undergoing general anaesthesia, after a short rest. A system of one-day surgery brings many advantages to patients: time spent in a medical facility is significantly reduced, pre-operative stress is minimized and risk of catching a hospital infection is eliminated. Professionalism and flexibility can be taken for granted by all our potential clients.

A highly specialized workplace designed for a modern and comprehensive treatment of locomotive organs is the key element of the ODSC. We emphasize on top quality of both diagnosis and treatment, as well as on professionalism of our specialists. To diagnose and to treat our clients we use the latest laboratory and examination equipment, as well as mini-invasive technologies. We treat patients with both inborn and acquired afflictions of locomotive organs, including injury- and post-injury problems.

We really do appreciate our clients' trust in our taking care of the most valuable aspect of their lives – their own health. We keep on enhancing quality as well as the range of our medical services. Our aim is to follow the latest professional and scientific knowledge.