Physiotherapy is a complex medical field focused on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of locomotive organs dysfunctions. Through movement and other physiotherapeutic techniques it affects the function of other systems. Specific methods of physiotherapy help to set right motion and other physical and mental functions influenced by injury, illness, aging or congenital defect.

Physiotherapeutic department

Hours of attendance:
MON 8:30 – 11:00 (Mgr. Michaela KUBÍNOVÁ)
More information & booking of appointment on tel. +420 495 269 768

The newly opened office is located in an out-patient part of ODSC. Under the direction of university physiotherapists, we provide complex care through individual prevention programs. Short ordering time is guaranteed.

Therapeutic range

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of locomotive organs disorders:
Pain, post-injury disorders, disorders after the orthopaedic and trauma surgery, vertebral disorders, scoliosis, treatment of scars, movement stereotypes improvement, treatment of functional disorders of locomotive organs, ergonomics of movement and prevention of physical problems.

Individual treatment and prevention programs are tailored according to health state and problems of our client.

Therapeutic Methods

Lewit diagnosis and therapy (post-isometric relaxation, soft and mobilization techniques of the spine and peripheral joints)
Brugger diagnosis and therapy
Mojžíšová diagnosis and therapy
Manual lymphatic drainage
Postural exercises
Nordic Walking
Sensomotoric stimulation
Exercises by Schroth
Ball facilitation and mobilization techniques
McKenzie diagnosis and treatment (basic)
Pilates method
Rehabilitation of cardiac patiens