A unique biological method of joint treatment is being practiced in the One-day Surgery Centre, Hradec Králové

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Date: 26/07/2010
Author: ZLABKOVA, Ludmila
Source: Právo
Page: 13
Section: Eastern Bohemia

One-day Surgery Centre Hradec Králové recently celebrated its eight birthday and introduced its new branch in Pardubice. Both clinics offer a comprehensive treatment of locomotive organs, including brand new type of biological treatment.

Dr. Pavel Zdarsky from the clinic told us the method is called ACP – autologous conditioned plasma. ”It is a brand new biosurgical method using healing effects from substances out of patient's own body. First, our client is drawn approx. 10 mililiters of blood. Then we remove plasma enriched with activated platelets, containing growth and anti-inflammatory factors, from the blood. Finally, the plasma is inoculated into the affected area. This is the way how we treat especially damaged cartilages (in case of arthritis of both minor and major joints), variety of sport injuries, as well as many other diagnoses,“ Zdarsky explained.


This successful method, which has been in practice worldwide for more than two years, is currently on boom in the Czech Republic. To say it simple, the affected cartilage itself cannot regenerate. However, when using ACP, the regeneration might be achieved.

Do not expect miracles

“Of course, ACP is not a miraculous method. However, for patients it considerable extends the range of treatment possibilities. You should bear in mind if there is someone who needs to be operated, this method will not help him,” dr. Prix from the One-Day Surgery Centre said. He also added this method is popular especially among young sportsmen, elderly patients suffering from degenerative joint diseases or people with post-traumatologic disorders.


”Most of our clients have different levels of arthritis. Nevertheless, ACP is also suitable when having tendon pain – e.g. problems with Achilles tendon, tennis- or golf elbow. Using ACP after arthroscopy with per-operational treatment of cartilages is more than recommended: micro-fractures and centring followed by ACP considerably enhances the healing process,” dr. Prix specified. He also noticed the patients are usually inoculated into the aching area three to five times.


ACP is a brand new medical method. That is why it is not covered in any of the current insurances provided by the Czech health insurance companies. Hence, a financial participation of a client is always required.


The whole team of our specialists puts emphasis on an out-patient system. “This is the most suitable way how to manage a progressive way of treating variety of diagnoses.  Our patients do not have to spend a long time here like in a hospital, however, they are provided with a wide range of top-quality services: from examination and eventual operating or arthroscopic procedure to physical rehabilitation. All the essential services are to be found under one roof. And especially the comprehensiveness of services plays very important role in treatment of the locomotive organs,” Zdarsky highlited.


Consulting a specialist on time is essential in this case. “Who keeps on postponing the visit of the doctor's place, may miss the opportunity of quite an easy treatment and, moreover, of avoiding the operation. It is also interesting that in fact up to 30 per cent of our clients suffer from a different problem than they had thought before they visited us,” Zdarsky added.


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