Therapeutic range

Examination and suggestion of a suitable type of treatment: Hemoron, Barron elastic ligature or classical operation.


Modern, out-patient and painless therapy using pulse current to the maintenance of hemorrhoids blood vessels. The treatment does not stimulate sensitive nerve endings and, therefore, there is no local pain during and after the procedure. Well-done surgery relieve the patient's problems. Advantages: according to scientific literature, this modern and effective method is followed by the smallest number of complications, does not make scarring nor suppuration and patients are able to avoid any work limitations.

Barron ligature

Elegant painless out-patient procedure based on strangulation of internal hemorrhoid bundles by special elastic ring. In a few days the bundle goes off together with stool and the slide injury heals soon. This method is ideal for patients with proven small-sized bleeding hemorrhoids. During the first visit the rubber band is applied (always just at one bundle). It takes approx. 5 minutes. After 2-4 weeks, the procedure is repeated 5 times, according to health condition of our client - until the difficulties disappear. Advantages: immediate relief from problems with a long-term effect, without a work limitation, reasonable price.

Classical operation

A traditional surgical procedure - removal of hemorrhoidal bundles and minimalization of their prolapse. Operations are carried out under general anaesthesia. The essence is the surgical removal of large hemorrhoid units and the improvement of conditions in the anal canal. However, this method is usually not able to completely recover the diseased hemorrhoid zone. The inability to work may last a few weeks.


Hours of attendance:
TUE 16:00 – 18:00 (MUDr. Ivo POSPÍŠIL)
THU 16:00 – 18:00 (MUDr. Zdeněk RUFER)

More information & booking of appointment on tel. +420 495 269 768

Each client has to book an appointment in advance. Recommendation of your doctor is not required. 11 hours prior to examination please apply one glycerine suppository, so that our specialists can eventually carry out first part of treatment immediately.