This a procedure involving local removal (ablation) of tissue through an electric current.


A bipolar electrode is introduced into the varicose vein under ultrasound guidance. Electrical current causes the vein to shrink, close and transform into fibrous tissue. This procedure is particularly gentle and as it takes around 1-2 minutes it can be carried on outpatients.

Celon, member of Olympus Group is the creator of RFITT-the bipolar frequency induced thermotherapy for varicose veins treatment.


  • Due to lower temperature than laser surgery thermal damage and burning can be avoided
  • Precision and accuracy as the applicator is effectively guided along the entire wall of the vein
  • Acoustic signal monitors the applicator performance. Operator follows the signal pitch and adjusts the speed of the applicator as it is retracted. Efficient transfer of heat is ensured. It is a gentle procedure that is under control of the surgeon all the time.
  • The vein is transformed into fibrous tissue and is not removed making RFITT a particularly safe and gentle therapy. Patients can avoid the burden of pain and there is minimum discomfort.
  • This is an outpatient procedure and patients are mobile again only a short time after the surgery. Risk of deep vein thrombosis is significantly lower.
  • RFITT is a minimally invasive procedure that has excellent cosmetic effect.
  • After RFITT we recommend another surgery which disconnects surface veins from deep veins to prevent more varicose veins and lower the risk of pulmonary embolism and vein thrombosis.


  • Health insurance does not cover this therapy.