Ludmila Motyčková,Pardubice, CZ

Dear Sir,

Earlier this summer, I visited Mr. Chaloupka having suffered from knee pain that was beyond any help and I was told by three orthopaedists to wait for joint replacement surgery and bear the burden of pain. Mr. Chaloupka’s solution was prompt and easy. It is a miracle, indeed. My knees are mobile again and Mr. Chaloupka was really nice and displayed great level of patient-centred attitude. It is shameful that a common physician won’t or can’t help to find other treatment options. One has to do all the research on their own and not everyone is capable of doing that.

Thank you so much for your work. I am a happy person now.


Ludmila Motyčková


J.B.,Hradec Králové, CZ


I would like to feed back on the ACP treatment I had in June:

-left knee mobility is not getting worse

-in daytime-no pain; there is some pain at night

-no pain when moving the joint event in extreme positions

-mostly no pain when I am active all day and the joint bears some weight


Best regards

J.B., born 1947

Hradec Králové

MUDr. A.K., CZ

Dear Sir,

I wish to inform you about results of ACP treatment which I received for 2nd degree hip joint arthritis. The therapy was performed in November and December 2010. Furthermore I had 3 hyalurone injections administered into the joint. Until then my condition was not serious, but I had more frequent pain. I had undergone several orthopaedic examinations where I was mostly told I was a candidate for joint replacement surgery. My condition has significantly improved after 2nd application. Since the therapy finished I’ve been fairly well.  I don’t have a sensation of pain while running, walking or sleeping. Changes of weather bring me mild pain that I can bear easily, though. Now in winter I am riding a stationary bike and I am OK again.  What I avoid doing is taking long walks, walking up the hill, carrying heavy things and physical work. So I kind of protect my hip being under excessive physical strain unconsciously. I am a doctor myself and I trusted the treatment as soon I learned about the principle. I have tried and tested it personally and it really works.

Thank you.


K.K. Kolín, CZ

Dear Sir,

In Pardubice I was treated by ACP in both my hips. Treatment was finished on 5 December 2011. It has been 6 months now and my pain is gone thanks to you.

Let me say thank you once again.

Have a nice day.


Z. K., Benešov u Prahy, CZ

Having suffered from 2nd - 3rd level of arthritis, a 62 year-old lady used to have terrible pains even when being at rest. She underwent a number of physical rehabilitations and spa treatments. Despite a short-time relief, she did not manage to get rid of pains for a long time. In May 2010 she tried five rounds of ACP at our clinic. After the third application she was able to sleep still, she stopped using analgesic pills and her locomotion significantly improved. Nowadays she feels very satisfied.

K. V., Hradec Králové, CZ

A 47 year-old gentleman suffered from bilateral arthritis of a toe joint (2nd level). The arthritis was a consequence of a football injury in his teen age. Regarding heavy pain and significant locomotive limitation, the client was recommended a surgical procedure. However, due to work-related reasons, the patient refused this type of treatment. He decided for ACP method instead. Three months after the last (fifth) application, the client could not feel any pain. However, because of the advanced level of the disease, slight pain appeared during more demanding physical activities.

P. T., Pardubice, CZ

A 40 year-old lady was suffering from a hip pain for a long time and her locomotion was slightly limited. After initial examination, our specialists applied ACP five times. Just after the first application our client could feel pain release and improvement of locomotion. When being at rest, she does not suffer from pain anymore.

M. N., Pardubice, CZ

A 52 year-old lady suffered from both tennis elbow and post-injury arthritis of the left elbow joint (3rd level). She felt dreadful pain and her locomotion was significantly limited. So far she had been treated with analgesics, injections and physical rehabilitations. However, using the pills caused her gastric ulcers. After an initial examination our specialists treated the affected area and applied ACP method. The pain was considerably eliminated and the locomotion improved by almost 30 % just after a few applications.

Z. H., Poznaň, PL

A 38 year-old gentleman from Poland currently working in the Czech Republic had read about the new treatment method and visited our centre. After examining and undergoing X-ray an incipient bilateral arthritis of hip joints was indicated. Our client suffered from pain especially after weather changes. His locomotion was not affected at that time. Regarding the health conditions, an ACP method was recommended to him. After 5 applications a significant improvement was achieved and the pain almost disappeared. After 3 months the satisfied client decided to have even his left hip joint treated in the same way.