Postup léčby kmenovými buňkamiFat tissue is a rich source of stem cells (AMSCs Adipose Tissue Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Stem cell treatment requires that around 50 ml of patient’s fat tissue and 10-20 ml of venous blood is collected. Two large joints require a liposuction of around 100 ml of fat tissue. During a unique process the stem cells are harvested and isolated. Later on, stem cells are mixed with blood plasma. Stem cells with activated growth and anti-inflammatory factor are administered by injection into the joint or wound. It is a common outpatient one-day surgery suitable even for higher age groups.

Before the surgery

A week prior to the surgery and six weeks following it you should minimize your alcohol consumption as it might reduce the healing potential and efficiency of blood plasma growth factors and stem cells. Last 24 hours before administering the cells we recommend that you drink at least 2-3 litres of non-alcoholic fluids, 0,5 litres of which the last 30 minutes before the surgery. Please refrain from eating fatty meals and drinking dairy drinks within the last 24 hours before the surgery. This will enable us to collect larger volume of quality non-chylosis serum. We recommend you have your last meal at least 3 hours prior to the surgery. It is also recommended to stop taking ant-inflammatory medication (Ibalgin, Aulin, Voltaren) temporarily. Patients under Warfarin treatment must be switched to low-molecular heparine for a short time.

Useful information

Before you start the treatment, you will be asked to sign the Patient Consent Form summarizing all information about the treatment.

  1. Following an appointment by phone you will come to our surgery. Please have your medical records at your disposal.
  2. Our doctor will examine you and based on the available data and figures, he or she will propose the right treatment.
  3. Blood is typically collected from an upper limb vein. Quantity of 10-20 ml of blood is obtained that is transferred to a processing device where plasma rich in trombocytes is separated. Trombocytes get activated outside the bloodstream.
  4. Fat collection is carried out under local anaesthesia and stringent aseptic measures are observed. Mini-liposuction technique is employed so that adipose tissue is gently sucked from the areas with sufficient fat pad-abdomen, lower abdomen or buttocks. Anesthesia typically feels like a little prick and temporary tension; liposuction itself is painless. For a small joint therapy around 50 ml of fat is collected whereas 100 ml suffices for treatment of two joints. The patient is able to communicate with the physician throughout the entire surgery.
  5. Lipoaspirate is obtained that is used in a licensed process to isolate the stem cells.
  6. Stem cells and plasma rich in healing growth factors and anti-inflammatory factors are administered by injection into the site of damage, inflammation or joint. A sensation of mild pressure or tension is typically perceived where the injection has been applied. Pain can be compared with having a local injection and can be easily endured. Also, the injection site is covered by an adhesive plaster which can be removed within 2 hours.
  7. The surgery normally takes 2 hours.

After the surgery

Komplikace léčby kmenovými buňkamiCollection of fat tissue is usually followed by a mild pain at the site of liposuction that may last a few days. A haematoma may also occur that absorbs within a few days. Should the site of liposuction remain painful and should there be a persistent swelling, please contact us immediately. After blood taking there may also be a bruise that will disappear within a few days. At the site of injection of stem cells there may be a limited mobility, increased pain, swollen tissue or joint lasting a few hours or a few days in exceptional instances. Healing effect begins within six days following application. You normally needn’t be on the sick leave and there is no need to alter you daily routine and activities. First two days after the surgery your daily routine should be without much physical strain. 10-12 days after surgery you are allowed to exercise lightly without major physical activity for six weeks. To sum up, 4-6 weeks following the surgery we recommend that you avoid increased physical activity. Excessive physical activity may result in incomplete healing of the tissue under treatment.